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Doc Holliday and Milt Joyce Incident October 11, 1880

Updated: Jun 22

On October 11, 1880, Doc Holliday had gotten in a confrontation with a man and fellow gambler named Jonny Tyler in the Oriental Saloon. The confrontation started to get out of control when mutual friends in the saloon disarmed and separated them. Johnny Tyler left the saloon and Doc who was still heated and no doubt had liquor in him, began to argue with Milt Joyce

Milt E. Joyce

who was the proprietor of the Oriental. Holliday demanded his gun back but it was kept behind the bar. Joyce told Holliday that he didn’t want anyone creating a disturbance in his saloon and he had to leave. Doc refusing to leave was grabbed by Joyce and physically thrown out. This enraged Doc and a few minutes later came storming in the Oriental with a self-cocker in hand. Joyce who was walking out from behind the bar saw Holliday as he began to shoot at him. He was hit once in the hand and a bartender by the last name Parker was hit in the big toe of his left foot. Joyce quickly grabbed another gun that was behind the bar and buffaloed Holliday as he fell on top of him. Officers Fred White and another officer by the name of Bennett were nearby as this incident

Early Model Self-Cocker

took place. They quickly ran into the saloon to intervene. A warrant was issued for Holliday’s arrest for assault with a deadly weapon. On October 12, 1880, Holliday appeared in court but none of the witnesses appeared. Holliday offered a plea of assault and battery. He was fined $20.00 and costs of $11.25 and released. Even though Milt Joyce and Holliday were mutual friends of the Earp’s, Joyce would hold a grudge against Holliday.



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